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quinta-feira, 12 de abril de 2018


"The Lord does everything with a purpose; even the wicked for the day of chastisement "(Proverbs 16: 4).
All God's plans have a purpose, nothing is by chance. Not even a hair falls from our head without the consent of our Lord. Luke 21:18. Some believe in "coincidences," but I believe we have a sovereign God who never loses control. He does everything in His time so that His infinite glory may be known in all the earth. Nothing in the creation of the whole earth and in the heavens was an accident. All the Lord did to fulfill His purpose. We are not accidents either. We were made according to His image and likeness to have a relationship with Him.
Even though we can not fully understand how He works in our lives, we need to glorify Him for all He has done. For he is omniscient [knows all things], that is, he does not think like man. However, we are limited in our thoughts. Our Father is perfect and operates the will and the fulfillment in our lives so that everything cooperates for our good, but always so that His name may be glorified.
Raquel Carsi

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